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All In Time is a flawless story with an absolutely awesome cast, sound department, and camera work.

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Hello everyone Kevin of Film Fervor here bringing you another Independent film review. Today we will be discussing the 2015 musical romantic comedy All in Time written and directed by Marina Donahue and Chris Fetchko. Starring Sean Modica, Lynn Cohen, Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Vanessa Ray. Featuring and starring the musical talents of The Badlees and Laura Shay.

All in Time is the humorous and touching tale of Charlie, a disgruntled bank worker who has been following a band loyally since his childhood. When the band starts to falter and waver Charlie, fed up with his banking job. quits to become their manager and sets out to fulfill his dreams. When the lead song writer/guitarist decides he wants to quit it is up to Charlie to try to hold his band together. Things don’t go as planned however with either the band or his girlfriend and Charlie desperately tries to makes end meet by hiring a young and completely unknown singer to take the band’s place at his “Time Traveler’s” party and strange things ensue.

When I first read the plot summery of All in Time I groaned. I have always held a deep dislike for romantic comedies as they always follow the exact same formula and never seem to offer anything new, I was however very pleasantly surprised by All in Time. Not only does the film deliver the heart warming sentiment and over coming adversity that you’d expect in a romantic comedy but it adds such a brilliant and unexpected curve toward the end of the film that it left me speechless. Not only was the big reveal (which I won’t mention here) delivered in such a subtle and natural way that it can almost slip notice but it was so skillfully executed that you don’t even question the logic of the strangeness that takes place. This is truly the hallmark skilled and careful writer and director and it shows throughout the entire film.

The acting in All in Time is simply wonderful. Sean Modica breaths life into the character of Charlie so well that despite the character’s obsessive and destructive attitude you just can’t help but to root for him. Even the people who are not natural actors (the band The Badlees and Laura Shay) play their characters in a very believable way that you will never once think you are watching amateur actors at work. The dialog is well written and flows naturally and never feels forced or insincere. With the bevy of mid range talent (and some very prolific TV stars) All in Time has some of the best acting and casting I have seen in a independent film.

The production quality of All in Time is truly inspiring. The cinematography is gorgeous to watch. The picture is always crystal clear and sharp and the camera work it’s self is very professionally done. Even when the focus shifts from the actual movie camera to the stage camera of the various bands playing it is handled skillfully and has none of the shaky cam effects nor any of the degrading you’d expect from a band cam shot. The camera always stays focused on what is important and never drifts off or zooms in on randomness that many independent films I have review does to try to be unique.

The audio work is also flawless. This is of course to be expected as All in Time is also a musical after a fashion. Quite a large portion of the story revolves around the fictional band The Damsels played by real life band The Badlees and Laura, played by real life vocalist Laura Shay. Both of their songs and their acting performances are amazing and has actually inspired me to look into the bands themselves and I have to say I have developed a liking for them. As to the actual audio work it’s self the voices are always clear and audible at all times, no drop off or deadening out that you get on projects that don’t take as much care as All in Time does. The normal musical score is also theme appropriate and adds to the deep emotions the film tries to entice from the viewer.

When all is said and done All in Time is a wonderful tale of hope and love that has a huge left hook that will leave you shocked and entertained for the entire ninety eight minute run time. If you want to see a feel good film that is expertly written, directed and acted then you couldn’t go wrong giving this film a chance. It is well worth it just for the surprise twist near the end and I can’t recommend this one strongly enough for anyone interested in the genre.

I give All in Time a very solid five out of five stars.

Justin’s Notes – I’ve got to say that I’m also a massive fan of this film and the way it was handled. I honestly didn’t expect it to be quite as good as it was and that payoff was huge. Definitely check this one out!


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