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Tastes Like Medicine



The only reason this didn't get a perfect score was it had a few audio issues that pulled us out of the story.

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Hello Everyone, Kevin of Film Fervor here with another Independent film review for you. Today we will be discussing Tastes Like Medicine Written, Directed and Produced by Steven Alexander (Credited as Steven Russell) and starring Damion Rochester, Wi-moto Nyoka and Lauren J Dagget.

Tastes Like Medicine is a black and white short film telling the story of Drew (Damion Rochester) a man who comes to his Ex-girlfriend’s engagement party to congratulate her on her marriage and pregnancy. He is accompanied by the beautiful and supportive Escort Kake (Wi-moto Nyoka) who he introduces as his girlfriend. The happy occasion quickly turns sour as Drew’s pent up regret and anger surfaces and he has a meltdown forcing him to leave before violence ensues. As Kake takes him home a shocking truth is revealed.

Tastes Like Medicine has many wonderful qualities in it’s favor and by far the best is the cinematography work done by master artist Steven Alexander. The Film is beautifully clear and expertly filmed easily reaching levels of mainstream Hollywood caliber that sometimes you forget you are watching a micro budget Independent film. Of course that is no surprise when you notice that it is Steven Alexander who filmed it. He has many high quality music videos and other photography work under his belt and has worked professionally in production for years. Normally deep close ups on peoples faces in Independent films is silly and useless to the point of seeming accidental but in Tastes Like Medicine it is a key plot point and is perfectly done by Mister Alexander.

The other high point of the film is the outstanding performances given by the entire cast. Damion Rochester’s portrayal of Drew easily takes the spotlight as he moves from withdrawn and downcast to explosively angry in a way that is completely believable and very organic. Wi-moto Nyoka’s Kake is both aloof and attractive while also showing a deep compassionate side as she tries to explain what is really going on to Drew. While all of the performances were terrific their two’s shined the brightest and really lent an air of professionalism to the film. Only one of the characters really comes off as a Cliche and that is the overbearing angry sister but the actress’s performance makes it quite forgivable at least to me.

If Taste Like Medicine had one glaring flaw it would be in the Audio department. Many times during the film the actor’s voices were so low that you could barely hear what they were saying. I’m not sure if it was a dubbing problem or if it was a technical malfunction on the otherwise stellar equipment they used to film to movie but it was unfortunate as the dialog is key to the entire film. That said however the soundtrack itself was fitting and dramatic when needed and somber and creepy when required.

Tastes Like Medicine despite having one small flaw is a shining example of what an Independent film can be and I wholly recommend it for fans of Drama mixed with just a touch of horror. I know many people these days dislike Black and White films as they want their pretty colors and big explosions but this gem is visually stunning without giving your brain an sensory overload. After watching the film once you are going to want to see it again so you can spot the little clues that were given to you and revealed at the end. All in all I give Tastes Like Medicine four out of five stars.

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