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If your business is aligned to the independent filmmaker and helping them succeed, we would love to partner with you as a sponsor on the podcast. We are a 100% transparent company and value the feedback and requests of our community, that being said, we will only partner with companies that align with the needs of the indie film world.

When looking for sponsorship opportunities, my goal isn’t to simply paste advertisement links in the magazine layout software. I am building a fully integrated sponsorship page in the publication that not only allows our readers to explore the products you offer, but also offers them an in-depth article about the product to get them comfortable with your brand from a trusted source.

I don’t like to see the obnoxious, in-your-face shouting contests and one-upmanship of traditional advertisements, so the creative approach I am taking with the magazine is that I will build article length promotions around the products, giving them a solid review and informational, fully integrated with the advertisement you and your staff assemble for the publication.

In this digital age, one thing I learned and what I find really interesting is the fact that you can make something less intrusive and less obnoxious, and people actually pay more attention because of it. Integrating your promotions in the magazine as a feature-length article is the next logical step in visual advertisements and it costs no additional fee to put together.

Film Fervor prides itself on having the trust of its audience. To that end, we will not partner with any company or group that does not meet our needs for quality, customer care, and brand association. If we don’t use the product ourselves, we won’t have it in our magazine. It’s the only way we know to continue to grow the brand of Film Fervor, while holding onto the authenticity and integrity that we have with our fans.