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I'm really impressed with this one. Pretty great short film that you can get the benefit of a well documented BTS as well.

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I found Mære on a Reddit forum for Filmmakers and I’m just blown away. It’s about the phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis and how the people in the story go about revealing its effects. It’s a short film so I wont go into too much detail about the plot but man, what a great payoff.

The cinematography, audio, pace, and story of this film are really on point and I’m extremely impressed about the whole production. The location and setting are also their own characters as they add so much to the film’s atmosphere.

Everything in the actual production of the film was done with great detail and with a skilled crew who knows what they’re doing. I’m really impressed with the quality overall. It was filmed with an URSA-Mini Pro, which I really love. It’s an awesome little camera with a ton of potential. Daniel and his crew put it through it’s paces and really get a lot of value out of the camera.

The use of color and light during the staircase scenes and how it pulls you into the story is just so good.

All in all, I’m so glad I found this little flick because it’s right up my alley for the things I love to see. Short, powerful, great payoff, and ultimately one of the more fun experiences I’ve had in a web-found indie in a while.

Mære has won several laurels which, in all honesty, I believe its well deserving of and I can’t wait to see what this team puts together next.

Be sure to check out Daniel Hamby on YouTube (Here). Subscribe and give a like for this awesome little flick. There’s a bunch of hidden gems on his channel that you should definitely check out.

You can also check out the Behind The Scenes for Mære on Daniel’s channel!

Official Website of the Film: https://danielrayhamby.wixsite.com/maere

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