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SoundStripe is an awesome new platform that offers unlimited, open licensed music to filmmakers to score our productions and publish them with all the proper paperwork in place. These songs and tracks generate their own individual license and give you free reign to use the downloads in just about any niche you can think of. They have some terms and conditions, based on the types of work being used, but it is a general disclaimer and not a problem for most indie filmmakers.

They have a wide variety of music themes available, from orchestral rock to big epic sounds, down to the minimalist background “ambient” style music that a lot of indie filmmakers forget to put into their work. Everything is top notch, recorded by professional composers and mastered for the highest possible quality.

I reached out to Soundstripe on their twitter account to touch base and talk about their product. Within a few minutes, I had an interview scheduled with the co-founders Travis Terrell and Micah Sannan and we were off to the races. After a full hour of conversation I got a solid foundation to really throw my hat in and support Soundstripe for all they are doing.

These guys are passionate about independent film and they know that finding music and securing the rights for quality sound in film is extremely difficult, time consuming, and generally prohibitively expensive on lower-budget films. So, after a little back and forth, listening to their customers and generally researching their business model, they decided to opt into a subscription model that only asks $10 a month for their entire catalog.

Yes. You read that right. $10 a month and you can use their entire library of music on your projects, download them an unlimited number of times ( you want to download each song separately, as you generate a new license with each download for your project) and use them for almost any purpose, including commercial work.

I highly recommend you take a serious look at this company for your indie film musical needs, especially if your budget prohibits you from hiring your own composer. The quality and variety of work available is sure to satisfy your requirements and the price tag simply can not be beat for what you get.

You’ll be seeing much more in the future from me, both personally and professionally, about Soundstripe and their awesome library of music.

Check them out here: and on Twitter


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