Why Your Epic Film Ideas are Worthless

Ideas are Worthless

In this industry, I hear it all the time. “I have an idea for a film, how can I get funded?”

The simple answer is: You can’t.

Ideas are worthless. Every person on the planet has a thousand ideas a day. They come and go in moments and lead you into more ideas.

Ideas are like a-holes, everyone has one and it’s usually full of crap.

The reality is that your unrealized idea is commonplace and won’t garner any interest from anyone at all.

Now, if you turn that worthless idea into something tangible, then you might have something.

So, what’s tangible? A script.

Taking your idea from the space between your ears and putting it onto a page is the first step toward reality.

Step 1: Write Your Idea Down

Seriously, the very first step in becoming a filmmaker and making your worthless idea into something is to write it down. There are thousands of posts about how to write a screenplay format. Dozens of free software solutions to get you started. Don’t run out and buy a copy of Final Draft and expect to be a screenwriter.

Get in the habit of formatting your idea like the professionals do. Understand the reasons behind the format. Embrace it.

Step 2: CYA (Cover Your Ass)

You can’t copyright an idea. There are very few instances when you can protect an idea. You want to keep your script nice and secure? Get it written down and register it. Send it to the Writers Guild of America and get that thing protected. Before you send your script to producers, agents, or actors, cover your ass and protect your hard work.

Step 3: Make a Pitch Video

I think the biggest mistake people can make with their ideas is not making a pitch video. A pitch video, sizzle reel, trailer, etc, is the ultimate tool for pitching your project. If you show investors, be they moneyed producers or crowdfunding fans, what you’re going to deliver as a final product, you’ll soften their stranglehold on their dollars. The costs of producing a 3-5 minute pitch video are minimal. Don’t have gear? Rent it for a weekend. For less than $600, you can rent a serious rig  for four days to make your project. (lensprotogo.com)

Follow those three steps and you can make your worthless idea into something awesome.

I believe in you. Do you believe in you?


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