G-Drive EV ATC Rugged Portable Storage Review

G-Drive EV ATC

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The G-Drive EV ATC is a portable, rugged, storage solution for filmmakers that provides a solid media storage solution in the studio or on location.

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The G-Drive EV ATC is a portable storage solution for filmmakers that is built to last.

It has two connection options, USB 3 and Thunderbolt, so no matter what system you use you can connect.

The build quality of the G-Drive EV ATC is superb. They’re built to withstand all the rigors of travel, on-location shooting, environment challenges, and general day-to-day handling. They’ve got watertight drive compartment that protect against both water and sand. Transfer speeds go up to 136MB/s and can handle some pretty big file sizes. This particular model handles only up to 1TB, which may or may not be enough depending on your needs, but where it excels is in its durability. I’d rather have a dozen of these sitting around than get something less durable with larger capacity. Nothing is worse than dropping a drive and breaking it, losing all your data.

I’ve seriously beat the crap out of my G-Drive units. I know, it’s terrible to admit, but let’s be honest if you’re in the rain, the mud, the desert, or pretty much anywhere on location, you’re gonna see some wear and tear.

I think the best thing, for me, is the integrated cable that is connected to the shell. This is an absolute joy of a feature because I can’t tell you just how many cables have been misplaced, forgotten, or otherwise jacked up because they’re left around. If you do break the cable on the case you can always use the standard connector on the actual drive. This makes the G-Drive EV ATC a versatile and rugged option with several fail safes, just in case.

Ultimately, what makes the G-Drive products a go-to for me in storage is the fact that I’ve never had any technical problems with them. I’ve read the horror stories but I honest don’t give them much credibility. These things are built like a tank. They have back up connections and they’re always reliable.

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