The Future of Film Fervor

Hello everyone, I wanted to write a bit about what we have in store for the future.  Also to ask your opinions on what you would like to see from Film Fervor in the days to come.

Initially, I started Film Fervor as an easy way to promote independent films through the Podcast format. It’s been great.  I’ve done some amazing interviews and I’ve been able to help some great crowdfunding campaigns get the exposure they need to succeed in their campaigns.

Film Fervor is and always has been a free service that I’ve been doing as a way to promote and engage, find audiences for great indie films, and promote the filmmakers who are out there every day just doing the work. I’m extremely happy with the work we’ve done in the audio format.

However, I’ve been looking into other avenues to take Film Fervor and I would love some feedback.

My vision for Film Fervor is a multi-media network that supports indie films through audio podcasts, video interviews, tutorials, and reviews of the work that’s coming out every month.

The plan is to set up a live broadcasting system where I can integrate social media directly into the viewing experience, allowing creators and fans to effectively have a “festival” like experience from anywhere in the world, together.

We have the technical ability to build the system, that’s not the problem. The problem we have is financing a build of that magnitude from a business model (Film Fervor) that does not generate revenue.

Forming strategic alliances with companies that are aligned to the same goals as Film Fervor is essential to the future of the brand.

It’s important to me to remain 100% transparent and honest with all of my partnerships to enforce integrity and accountability to the community we are building together.

So, let me know what you think!

About Justin Kincaid

Justin is the host of Film Fervor and a passionate lover of independent entertainment. Indie films are where people can truly express themselves and Justin believes that there are too many limitations on "mainstream" movies to be able to tell good stories.

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