First Glance Film Festival – 2016

The First Glance Film Festival is the oldest Bi-Costal Film Festival in the USA world. Handling both Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it’s been voted one of the top festivals actually worth the cost of submission. They are the ones who created the amazing #SupportIndieFilm hashtag that’s helped millions of films, series, documentaries, and creative projects get discovered on Twitter.

In addition to screening your film and getting you exposure, First Glance has put together some absolutely amazing prizes for finalists. They give away $100,000 in prizes annually, everything from outstanding software packages to production truck rentals. Film Fervor has had the privilege of interviewing dozens of film makers from the First Glance Film Festival and every single one of them has had nothing but the highest of praise for both the process of entry and the actual event itself.

I think one of the best things about First Glance is the fact that they screen a wide variety of films and never pigeon hole any works of art. If your film is selected, it will be put out into a wonderful audience and get some absolutely phenomenal exposure.

So what about the numbers?

The First Glance Film Festival boasts 1200-1500 in attendance in Philadelphia and 800-1000 in Hollywood. They  have an utterly massive social media presence, to help get films out there to the public, and they work with a host of great bloggers, film communities, and film suppliers to keep everything running smoothly.

You honestly can’t go wrong with the First Glance Film Festival, from either a marketing side of things or just getting your film put out there to the world.

We at Film Fervor have had the privilege of working with First Glance in the way of interviewing their filmmakers, helping promote the festivals, and generally encouraging a wonderful social environment where we all help one another promote, share, like, and make our favorite indie films.

Check out their website here: and be sure to follow them on Twitter

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