Film Fervor University

As filmmakers, there are often more questions than answers that pop up during any given day. Most of us, I think, don’t go to a traditional film school and get that structured education, we would rather bootstrap our lives and take control of our own destiny.

Film Fervor University

You know what I’m talking about. The drive to just get out there and do it, to learn at your own pace and to be in control of the things you are passionate about.

A lot of us use YouTube and tutorial sites to find answers to the questions we just can’t figure out. Alternatively, we go through the endless lists of “E-Courses” on those bigger network sites that don’t focus on the niche we filmmakers need.

It gets frustrating trying to find the information we need in a clear, concise place, that is dedicated to the art of film making.

There are a lot of moving parts to any given film project. Even the smallest budget, tiny crew, film has a lot of things going on at any particular time and if you have any interest in getting it out there to the world professionally, the work begins months, if not years, before you pick up a camera.

That’s why I’ve decided to build the Film Fervor University.

I’m putting together a community where filmmakers can go to find courses, tutorials, and commonality with amateurs and professionals alike.

Keeping with Film Fervor’s style of supporting the independent filmmaker, I believe that we all have valuable information that we can share among the community.

So, I’ve built a place where you can build online courses with rich media, extensive content, and in-depth interaction with fellow filmmakers who are seeking help and advice.

The indie community thrives on solid collaboration and advice from others so, for me, The Film Fervor University was the logical next step.

I will be using my connections in the industry to get professional courses made in all aspects of the film business, including:

  • Screenwriting
  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Financing
    • Crowdfunding
    • Investors
    • Bootstrapping
  • Prop Making
  • Distribution
  • and More

In addition to the courses I source and find for us all, I am also opening the doors for anyone to build and share their own online courses. These can be free courses or paid courses, depending on your specific needs and interests.

The Film Fervor University page can be found HERE and I encourage you all to sign up to the mailing list, share and tweet, make some noise and let me know what features, courses, classes, and instructors you want in this community.

It’s for all of us to grow our trade and grow as filmmakers.

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Justin is the host of Film Fervor and a passionate lover of independent entertainment. Indie films are where people can truly express themselves and Justin believes that there are too many limitations on "mainstream" movies to be able to tell good stories.

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