Film Fervor: Episode 99 – Shugs and Fats

Today, I spoke with Nadia Manzoor and Radhika Vaz about their amazingly refreshing web series Shugs and Fats,  a comedy web-series about two Hijabis on a quest to reconcile their long held cultural beliefs with a new life in “liberated” Brooklyn.

I watched the first two seasons prior to this episode and I was just floored by the hilarity and production quality of the program. There is nothing mocking or insulting to the Muslim people in the series, it’s not about all that, it’s about two women trying to figure out their culture and beliefs in Brooklyn, entertaining and educating us along the way.

Both Nadia and Radhika were extremely generous with their information and it was a real pleasure to speak with them. They are both professionals in the comedy circuit and that experience definitely pays off in the show because it’s downright hilarious.

Its always nice to check out a new series that explores culture in a way that is not insulting or demeaning and Shugs and Fats delivers on that promise with awesome content and great production.



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