Film Fervor: Episode 95 – Scythe

Jim Rothman is a perfect example of someone adapting their business strategy to fit the needs and desires of their fans. He started out acting, many years ago, and while he couldn’t get all of the bookings he wanted, he began to realize he could build a career behind the camera.

He began making short films and found out that writing and producing was where his career was taking him.

I really like Jim’s story because it just goes to show you that the thing you think you are going to be doing isn’t necessarily what you’ll end up doing, and that’s not always a bad thing. Jim overcame and adapted to his environment, realizing that he could pursue his love of film making in a different capacity and still have the thrill of working in his chosen industry, just by changing the way he interacts within the business of film.

What I love about the film is that Jim has gone out of his way to make the characters likable and sympathetically connected to the audience in Scythe. They’re not sex-obsessed, brain dead morons like most slasher/horror films and, within the first few minutes, you feel as if you could actually know those people.

Great care was taken in the short film to build suspense and to make you feel concerned about the people in the film. Visually the short looked great, moody settings, awesome lighting, and an outstanding use of a limited environment.

I think my favorite part of the short had to be how the main characters really stepped up the game and stepped out of the trope of being morons in a horror situation. They had just enough terror and critical thinking to establish a willful suspension of disbelief and really provide a joyful experience in watching the plot unfold.

You can check out Jim Rothman’s twitter account here:

And be sure to follow along on with Scythe on Kickstarter as the campaign unfolds and progresses. I’m sure we’ll all get some great updates and treats as time goes by.

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