Film Fervor: Episode 87 – Blackthorne

DANIEL BLACKTHORNE is spiraling. His son has been killed, and his marriage is ending as he struggles to find himself. His new partner, JORDAN FOX, is an ambitious young up and comer looking to prove himself to those around him, including his father – the Chief of Police. 

Blackthorne and Fox soon find themselves in the thick of a murder investigation surrounding the serial killings of married couples in their small town. As they edge closer to finding answers, they begin to unravel a shocking chain of events that soon blur their understanding of good and evil.

When I first saw this campaign on Kickstarter, I was automatically hooked. The way Ethan and Anthony play with lighting, the mood they set with their video, and the general feel of their work just screams professionalism and quality. Talking with them was a real treat. They are both very excited about the project ( I would hope so ) but they are also extremely generous with the information they give out about the show.

My favorite loaded question: If you could go back to the beginning of your career and tell your younger self something, what would it be?

Ethan: Surround yourself with people who are more talented than you, in everything you are doing. Find people who do what you do and do it better. You can learn so much by being around talented people that it is so much easier to learn your trade that way.

Anthony: You need to start a little earlier. I wish I would have focused on things a little bit more and one thing that I would say, for sure, to myself is learn After Effects.

This is some amazing advice. Start now. Surround yourself with talented people and you will go far.

Don’t let doubt or naysayers discourage you from following your dream.


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