Film Fervor: Episode 81 – Chatter

Today, I spoke with Matthew Solomon about his film Chatter that is making some very bold moves in the independent world by using Skype as a way to capture performances and to tell a story. What I really liked about this was the way they did use the Skype program to not only move the story forward as a plot device, but also as a real camera to capture the performance of the actors in another place.

So Chatter follows an agent while monitoring Internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, that comes across the intimate video chats of a couple, temporarily living in different parts of the world, who begin to discover their new home is haunted.

I don’t really get excited about horror films much anymore, having seen and done nearly everything in the business a million times over, but once in a while a concept comes across that really does make me think. Given that Film Fervor interviews take place entirely over Skype, it’s one of those things that I really did like when it turns out the home is haunted and you can only see what is happening to your loved one, not reach out and help.

Matthew is currently looking for theater venues to partner with to hold special screenings for the film and would love to talk to anyone who owns or has access to a theater. I love this approach because it keeps the business in the filmmakers hands and allows for direct Business to Business (B2B) deals to be made.

If anyone has access to a theater or can make those arrangements, please contact us or Matthew at his website, or leave comments below.

You can find Chatter at

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