Film Fervor: Episode 80 – Melanie Mayron

On today’s show, I had the honor to speak with Melanie Mayron about the 20th Anniversary of The Baby-Sitters Club that came out in 1995. Melanie is a well established actor and director who has been active in the business all of her life. She is one of the amazing examples of a woman director who doesn’t take “No” as an answer and continues to make her own path in her career.

On May 1st through the 8th of 2015, I hosted a “Cast-a-Thon”, a podcast marathon running 150 straight hours, where I raised awareness and support for Women in Film and Diversity in Film. Melanie is a perfect example of someone who does not let gender dictate how she conducts her business and I think Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry should take a page out of her book.

So, the Baby-Sitters Club is a great feel-good story about seven junior-high-school girls organize a daycare camp for children while at the same time experiencing classic adolescent growing pains.

While it was filmed and released back in 1995, it has a lot of great messages for kids these days and how life as a kid really hasn’t changed much in that perspective. Yes, a lot of things outside have changed, politics, technology, family dynamics, but the core of how these children went about their lives is something that, I think, a lot of children these days can relate to.

Please check out Melanie’s website for her directing and acting work at:
Also, check out some awesome skincare goods that she has at:
This is a great example of diversifying your portfolio and ensuring you have multiple irons in the fire.

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