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Film Fervor: Episode 79 – Cyrus Kapadia

On today’s episode, I spoke with Cyrus Kapadia of Below The Knee Films about his upcoming piece of work The Wages of Sin, which is currently undergoing the final phase of funding on Indiegogo for post-production costs. Cyrus is one of those filmmakers who took a potentially negative situation of losing his job and turned it into an opportunity to make his film and do it the way he wanted to.

The Wages of Sin is a “long-short” film that explores racism and childhood indoctrination in the south as well as calling to light the idea of the bi-racial couple. Having lived that scenario my entire life, I must say that this film is something quite personal to me and that I am very interested in seeing it come to life and promoting it.

Where I live, in West Virginia, there is still a bigotry and hatred toward bi-racial couple and I’ve felt the sting of that hatred personally. The characters in The Wages of Sin are portrayed perfectly, while being monstrous and unforgivable in some of their behaviors, they are also fleshed out and human beings with their own sets of ideals and beliefs. It’s not just a stereotypical racist southerner with no backstory or motives, these are real people with real thoughts and honest feelings about how their lives, and the world around them, would change if bi-racial relationships were allowed to continue.

This film does hit home, as I’ve said previously, and I want to make sure that everyone out there who supports the idea of Diversity and Racial Equality get behind this project. Do not underestimate the power of a share, a link or a comment. Every voice, great or small, is a message to the world that we demand equality.

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  1. Great chatting with you, Justin. I felt that we could have easily chatted for at least a couple more hours!

    Thanks for all you’re doing to support Indie films.


    Cyrus 🙂

  2. It was a real treat to speak with you Cyrus. I honestly love the concept and, as I mentioned above, it does touch me personally. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

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