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Film Fervor: Episode 76 – Deshawn Hill

Today, I spoke with Deshawn Hill who has his own production company, HD Productions, that produced the film Holly.

Deshawn certainly does have an eye for detail and for storytelling. His passion is evident in the videos that he has available on YouTube and I am certainly excited to see what comes out of his camp in December when Holly becomes available.

The film asks a very important question, one that we all can relate to at some points in our lives, Is Worth Worth It?

Coming from a lower income family in the very poor state of West Virginia, I can relate to the idea of poverty and I can also relate to the idea of wealth. I’ve seen success in my life, I’ve had days of plenty and I’ve had days of want. The questions “Is worth, Worth It” is highly dependent on what you are doing for that worth.

I do not measure success by the amount of money I have in the bank, I measure success by how many people I can take with me on the journey of financial independence and for me, I only do things that I feel are worth my time. In the grand scheme of things, we all have to sit back and ask ourselves is “Worth” worth it?


What do you think?
Is Worth,Worth It?

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