Film Fervor: Episode 74 – Jeff Gendelman

Once in a while, a I’ll have a conversation with someone who just blows me away with their information, knowledge and experiences. Today was one of those days. I spoke with Jeff Gendelman, the writer and producer of the film The Surface, which stars Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey and Mimi Rogers.

You may have noticed that the podcast episode is a little longer than usual and that is because Jeff has such an amazing story to tell about how he got into writing, the journey he’s taken in the business and what his future plans are for, not only his life, but his career as well.

The surface is a survivor story about two people who meet up in the middle of Lake Michigan, whose lives are at a breaking point. They must help one another to live in order for both of them to survive.

While the film is not one of those huge action-packed Hollywood style movies with an abundance of special effects and razzle-dazzle, the story, character and progression of the scenes are both thought provoking and emotionally taxing.

You get a feeling for these characters immediately, for those of us who have been to that ragged edge of life and can relate to their feelings, there is a deep emotional connection to the plight of the characters and what they are going through.

Jeff and I spoke about a myriad of topics, but one that really resonated with me was how he was able to take an idea and attract superstar talent to it, through perseverance and hard work. More importantly, I think, is that Jeff brings up the fact that the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) has had a 80-95% unemployment rate and that in order to grow and rebuild this industry, things are going to need to change.

I think I’m going to write up more about SAG and give more in-depth information in a separate blog post, but for The Surface I want to close in saying that the film is one that you’ll have to think and feel to get through.

Get to the end and then realize that you’ve felt something important, that you’ve seen something that is affecting people all over the world and that there is help out there, if you need it.

If you, or anyone you know, is feeling at risk or in danger of doing something to yourself, please call 1-800-273-8255 immediately.


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