Lori Sheedy, F*** You Official Trailer (2015) from Zachary Friedman on Vimeo.

Film Fervor: Episode 7 – Lori Sheedy – F.U.

I had a lot of fun talking with the guys from Lori Sheedy F.U. about their project and their goals as filmmakers. This is one of the films that really makes me happy that people are out there making films for extremely low budgets. They were able to put this entire film together for around $15,000 which, if you watch it, will surprise you because of the locations, quality of film and the quality script they put together.

Lori Sheedy, F*** You is about a woman who was humiliated on national television by her tyrannical ex-boyfriend, sex addict and master of vices Lori Sheedy endures a week of viral infamy and ridicule before confronting her long time ex-lover.

A couple of college students were able to put together the entire production for next to nothing, because they had the courage to ask. Making the ask is one of the hardest things that new filmmakers seem to be able to do. Do not be afraid to ask, the worst thing they can tell you is “no” and you will receive a thousand no’s in your career, but on occasion you will find someone who says Yes.

Check out the 1000Yard Films website about Lori Sheedy and their updates: https://www.1000yardfilms.com/features/


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