Film Fervor: Episode 66 – Michael Anderson

Today, I spoke with Michael Anderson about his upcoming web series titled “Atomic Annie” and when I first heard about the show, I immediately thought about the old atomic artillery, the M65. Despite my obsession with military hardware, Michael and I spoke about the show and what it really means to him and the wonderful people who are helping make it happen.

Michael is a veteran in the film and TV industry who has been around the block for the last 20 years and Atomic Annie looks like it’s the culmination of all of that knowledge and history.


Do you love classic science fiction adventure stories?  Do you flock to neo-pulp movies like THE ROCKETEER and SKY CAPTAIN?  And do you think that we need more female sci-fi heroes?

Well, we do!

“Atomic Annie” is our take on the classic sci-fi stories of yesteryear, taking the sense of wonder and adventure from the pulps but with a modern sensibility.

Atomic Annie is a science heroine – part Emma Peel, part Buckaroo Banzai – who fights diabolical masterminds and mad scientists from her New York City headquarters. Witty and charming, she is also a crack shot, noted inventor and an expert in hand-to-hand combat, always ready with a droll bon-mot in between clobbering the bad guys.

Accompanying her are her right-hand-man, the always suave and urbane Gentleman Stan, and her rambunctious younger cousin from upstate, Lara Emerson. Rounding out her team are her Gal Friday, the aspiring artist Mod Marykate, and their contact in the secret service, Dr. Marguerite Argyle.


They have a bad guy named Dr. Chicago. You can’t beat that!

If you get a minute, check out the Kickstarter video and consider supporting this cause. Looks great!

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