Film Fervor: Episode 55 – Angel and Mysti Cozart


Today, I had the real pleasure to speak with Angel and Mysti Cozart, the writers and creators behind the up and coming show Gypsi. The interesting thing about this is that Gypsi has been a force of nature in the “Grassroots” movement of social media, fan support and executive attention it’s been getting.

The whole idea of this show is to bring TV back to something that you would be comfortable watching with your whole family, rather than feeling awkward about explicit sex scenes and extreme gore and blood. This show, set in a fictional town in Louisiana, has deep roots into Haitian Voodoo, French-Creole Voodoo, and draws from local and global mythology, but still keeps a very close eye on down home folklore.

When you talk about a cast, this series has already brought on board some amazing talent and the people connected to the show are all 100% dedicated to see it come to life.

As you might suspect, launching a TV series is a long and difficult process and Gypsi has seen its share of ups and downs along the way. As with any large project like this, it takes a dedicated group of people to bring something like Gypsi to life and it’s my sincere honor to be able to be called the “Taskmaster” of this project. Some people call it an Executive Producer, but honestly, it’s more of a taskmaster because sometimes you gotta crack the whip!

In all honesty though, when Angel and Mysti offered me the position and gave me the keys to this amazing universe they created, I had no idea how it would evolve and grow into the phenomenon that its become, but through sheer will and determination, making a lot of calls and a few crazy deals, coupled with an AWESOME story and an amazing script, we’ve been able to create something that I believe will last for the next decade or two.

Be sure to check out the end of the episode, because I have a special treat for everyone who listens to the end! 🙂

Check out their website! It has tons of amazing features that are constantly being added to.

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