Film Fervor: Episode 46 – Eddie Jemison

In today’s episode, I was able to speak with Eddie Jemison for his directorial debut with the film King of Herrings.

Eddie’s acting career spans into blockbuster films like the Ocean’s 11, 12, 13 movies and the Punisher, Grey’s Anatomy and Bruce Almighty as well as an impressive TV career.

King of Herrings is a feature length film with a lot going for it in terms of photography, direction, acting and overall cinematic feel. It pulls you into a new world immediately with its black and white adaptation and dark humor. Filming in black and white quickly set the tone and mood of the film while the characters established a wonderful mix of bizarre, tragic, and humorous. The film is a masterful look into the lives of a group of wannabees on the mean streets of New Orleans who find themselves in a strange tug-of-war over a woman looking for a way out of there.

At it’s core, King of Herrings is a film about human conflict. Petty, personal, and extremely believable with satisfying resolves and a solid ending to an amazing movie. It puts my mind back to some of the classic old-school indie films, designed to elicit thought and reflection, rather than knee-jerk reactions to explosions or gore. You really do fall into the world that has been written and Jemison brings all of his skill, knowledge, and experience into this project in a truly unique way.

All in all, I really recommend this film to everyone who is interested in true independent films. Written with soul and heart.

It’s funny, dark, and beautifully written and it is my sincere hope that we see many more work from Eddie in this capacity.

Be sure to follow Eddie on Twitter. He’s an overly generous person with his time and a great person to talk to.




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