Film Fervor: Episode 137 – Alex Ferrari

Film Fervor: Episode 137 – Alex Ferrari

So, today I have a real treat for you guys. I spoke with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle about his career in the film business, his awesome platform at Indie Film Hustle, and directing his first feature film This is Meg.

Alex is a treasure trove of information and this uncut interview is over an hour long.

Indie Film Hustle was created to be a place for Alex to share his 20+ years of experience and cut through all the lies and crap of the film industry. It’s a place to go for all the information you’ll need for your indie film career and I’m not just saying that.

Way back in 2015, when I first started Film Fervor, Alex had just launched Indie Film Hustle and I’ve been following along ever since. It’s been a crucial part of my own learning curve in the indie film industry and I highly recommend it.

Indie Film Syndicate

Indie Film SyndicateIndie Film Syndicate

So, one of the most important things about being an indie filmmaker is to always be willing to learn. That’s where Alex’s Indie Film Syndicate comes in. It’s an online course platform that, unlike a lot of the others I’ve seen, actually provides so much value for the tiny price of admission that I truthfully asked about why it was so low. This community, the Syndicate, is a place for filmmakers to really learn everything they need to know about films, from making a micro budget film to selling it for profit,

In addition, Alex has partnered with a huge variety of experts who also have provided tutorials on things like social media growth-hacking, film marketing, and film festival secrets. For $17/mo you really can’t beat it. There’s no excuse to not sign up for the Syndicate. It’s my #1 recommendation for anyone looking to up their indie game.


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