Film Fervor: Episode 136 – Hey You It’s Me

Film Fervor: Episode 136 – Hey You, It’s Me

So, I had the great opportunity to talk to Suzanne Schmidt about her new web-series Hey You, It’s Me. It’s about the hilarious relationship between two women in two different cities and their relationship through voicemail and the phone. Suzanne really knows how to tell a great story and weave in the differences between characters and yet show their similarities at the same time. The show is about the strength of a friendship and just how much power that people have over their own lives.

Hey You It’s Me is available on Seed & Spark and is a great place to check out the series. I really do recommend you check it out and see just how funny Suzanne’s story is as well as just how fun the series can be. Currently, there’s six episodes on the platform and you can see them all over there. Check it out here: Seed & Spark: Hey You It’s Me

They’re working on the Second Season right now and it’s very exciting to see what the web series market is yielding these days.


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