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Film Fervor: Episode 132 – Not for Resale

Film Fervor: Episode 132 – Not for Resale by Kevin James

Ah, nostalgia. A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. That’s what was conjured up in me when I first saw Not for Resale on the forums. The film is a feature-length documentary on the end of physical media and the local video game shops that still sell it.

What I love about Not for Resale is that it lets us know that there are still some places out there, mom and pop stores, that are holding onto physical media and are still kicking.

Video Game Documentary

I used to play games all the time. Hell, I once owned a comic book stores that I’d run during the day and we’d play games throughout the night in. Documentaries like this are a great road trip back into the glory days, when things were easier and much more straightforward.

Now, with the Let’s Play’s and Twitch.tv we can experience all those old games in a community across the globe, but nothing beats actually having your hands on those old controllers, blowing the dust out of the NES cartridges to get them to work, and praying your save games don’t get corrupted or overwritten when you’re on the last level.

Kevin James is making something really unique and very exciting. I can’t wait to see this documentary come to life and hit the festival circuit. I think a lot of us, who have fond memories of gaming consoles growing up, are going to get a real kick out of it and, maybe, even rush out to find our nearest mom and pop store to support and keep alive. Awesome!

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