Film Fervor: Episode 127 – Son of Sofia

Son of Sofia, written and directed by Elina Psikou follows an 11 year old boy named Misha who travels from Russia to live with his mother, Sofia. What he doesn’t know is that there is a father also waiting for him there. While Greece is living the Olympic dream in the summer of 2004, Misha  gets violently catapulted into the adult world while riding on the dark side of his favorite fairy tales.

When I spoke to Elina about the film, I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and dedication she and her team have for film making. Greece is an amazing place for film making because their very tight knit community of directors, actors, producers, and crew all get together and support one another on their projects. It’s something that until this interview I never thought of looking into because I never really heard of a major film making revolution in Greece.

Elina is an incredible person with an outstanding eye for creative storytelling and she’s got the drive and ambition to make her film making career a reality. Her first feature film, she both wrote and directed as well, helped catapult Son of Sofia into reality by both helping her find funding as well as the crew needed for the production.

Son of Sofia is a very cool story with an awesome group of talented people behind it and I’m very excited to see it come Tribeca this year. I think we should watch out for Elina too, because I believe she’s going to have an awesome career and definitely be someone to keep an eye on.

You can check out the Facebook page at Son of Sofia and follow along with the progress of the film there. They’ll be launching a dedicated website for the film soon as well, so keep an eye out and make sure to follow them there as well.



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