Film Fervor: Episode 126 – Hug It OUt


Today I talk about the hilarious web series Hug It Out, created by Kincaid Walker and Jason Eksuzian. They are both incredible people with a great mindset and an awesome work ethic. Hug It Out is about a woman named Gwen who, despite her own personal hangups and issues, bites the bullet to become a professional Snuggler.

When I first heard about the series, I thought it was just a funny concept that was made up for the laugh factor. However, after talking to Kincaid Walker and Jason Eksuzian about the series, I came to understand that professional Snugglers or Huggers are actually a real thing. To my horror, the realization of that fact made the show that much more interesting and entertaining to me. I loved the humor,  the quick dialogue, and the incredible production value that went into Hug It Out and I’m very glad to have been able to watch it.

Hug It Out can be seen on their website and I really recommend that you take a look at it. The season finale airs on 4/6/2017, the same date as this upload, so please listen to the podcast and get to know these incredible people, then head on over to their website and check out the awesome new episode. This is something you can easily binge watch because the episodes are short, made for the web, and in bite sized pieces of pure hilarity.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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