Film Fervor: Episode 125 – Mimi’s Misadventure

Mimi’s Misadventure

Today I spoke with Ashley Atwood about her film Mimi’s Misadventure. Ashley is an accomplished actor with an impressive resume who made the move behind the camera for the first time with Mimi’s Misadventure, which she produced and wrote. Mimi’s Misadventure is a  tongue in cheek dark comedy follows Mimi, a former prostitute and heroin addict who is down on her luck. While working at her job in a strip club, Mimi overhears a conversation that can change her life forever.

Ashley and I spoke about the concept behind the film and the inspiration and, while the film is primarily a dark comedy, it does have a powerful message about the very real and very common practice of sex slavery. A lot of people, especially in the United States, seem to think that sex slavery is a thing of the past or something that happens off shore, but the terrible truth of it is that there is a huge market of sex slaves in our own backyard.

Mimi’s Misadventure has been selected to screen at the First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2017 and I’m excited to see the whole line up. As you probably know, we love First Glance here at Film Fervor and we’re always happy to help promote their festival and the awesome films they bring in. By all means, if you’re in the area, go support the awesome independent films that First Glance showcases and help people like Ashley get more eyes on their projects. There is a possibility that Mimi’s Misadventure could become a series later on, which is a very exciting concept because the story and characters are all very strong in this short 12 minute film. I’d love to see Ashley get this film turned into a Netflix Series, if possible.

You can check out Ashley on Instagram @AshleyAtwoodBiz and Mimi’s Misadventure on Facebook


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