Film Fervor: Episode 123 – Tony Ware

Today I am speaking with Tony Ware of Picture Perfect Film Locations, located in Los Angeles. Picture Perfect Film Locations is an incredible resource for low-budget and independent films that require incredible locations on a tight budget. They have a host of services they offer, from residential homes, commercial locations (including restaurants, churches, motels, and night clubs), wide open land, and incredible studio lots. In addition to the locations, they also have a fleet of vehicles at their disposal, everything from fire and rescue to school buses, high end luxury cars, vintage roadsters, and many more.

Tony has been developing his contacts in the industry for years and Picture Perfect Film Locations has had a huge pedigree of large and small films need their services. Just about anything you need, as far as real estate for your production, can be found in Tony’s impressive library of locations and his team are kind, eager to get you what you need, and incredibly knowledgeable in the film industry so if you’re not sure what all you need, rest assured they’ll be able to assist you in finding the perfect place.

Finding locations in the independent film industry is difficult, time consuming, and often involves far larger of a budget than the entire film project but Tony Ware and his people provide an outstanding service for low-budget filmmakers who need that high end look without the high end checkbook. If you’re looking to film in the Los Angeles area and need some help with professional  locations, automobiles, or need a fresh new outlook on what your backgrounds should look like, definitely give Tony a call and he’ll have no problem getting you exactly what you need.

You can find out more about Tony and Picture Perfect Film Locations at their website and be sure to follow along on Twitter (@PPFilmLocations) for some awesome photos to inspire you.


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