Film Fervor: Episode 121 – Safe Place

Today I’m joined by Nick Hunt to talk about his debut feature film Safe Place. The film centers around the fall of a man’s psyche after an unimaginable tragedy befalls him and causes him to abandon his life for a secluded existence in fear of the world and its consequences. His fear is reflected on six youths, at the prime of their lives who just so happen to cross paths with a seemingly normal man, hellbent on saving them from the world around them, even if it means taking them out of it one, by one.

Safe Place features an incredibly talented cast, including the legendary Lloyd Kaufman (Co-founder of Troma Entertainment), who is responsible for one of my earliest introductions to independent film The Toxic Avenger. This looks like it is going to be a good telling of the cabin in the woods story with a lot going for it from the mind of creator Nick Hunt. To me, there’s nothing more exciting than to delve into the mind of a debut filmmaker and watch them see their passion project come to life.

I’ve been getting into these throw-back films lately. Something about recapturing that classic horror genre where we didn’t rely on CGI monsters to tell us to be afraid is really appealing to me. The best fear you can make as a storyteller is the fear that capitalizes on your audience’s worst nightmares, through their imaginations. The imagination is the strongest tool that a storyteller has in their arsenal because if you craft your story around the unknown and explainable, the viewer will fill in whatever they can’t see or explain with the very darkest of their fears.  Safe Place may turn out to be one of those types of films and I’m excited to see it come to life.

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