Film Fervor: Episode 120 – House of Purgatory

Today I’m joined by Tyler Christensen, the writer and director of House of Purgatory. We did a review of the film on Film Fervor last week and I really wanted to touch base with Tyler to talk about his work and find out more about him. I will warn you, the audio quality isn’t the greatest because Tyler is driving while the interview is going on but it’s quality stuff and I do recommend you listen to what he has to say.

Tyler provides a great deal of wisdom about House of Purgatory, from the difficulties he had making it come to life to the awesome experience it was to actually get out there and make the film happen. This is a perfect example of what you can do with a limited budget and a Give ’em Hell attitude. Tyler and his crew pull off an amazing film with an awesome throw-back horror concept that we really enjoyed watching.

If I had to take away something most important from the interview is the importance of getting the right people connected to your film. It just goes to show you that if you get out there and meet the right people, are nice and courteous, have a professional script and a can-do attitude, you can make your dream film come true with very little and produce an awesome piece of work.

In the review, Kevin mentions that the quality of image suffers in a few places and that had to do with the version we screened. It does not represent the final footage of the film that you can get on iTunes (below) or anywhere else it is available. So, do yourself a favor and grab this awesome horror film. It takes the haunted house trope and really does something awesome with it.

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And be sure to check out our full in-depth review over here.

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