Film Fervor: Episode 111 – Shot Lister

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Zach Lipovsky of Reel Apps Inc to talk about the absolutely amazing tool they’ve developed for filmmakers called Shot Lister.

Shot Lister lets you professionally organize hundreds of scenes, create a shooting schedule in minutes, and customize your workflow experience in any way you desire. You can import Final Draft, Celtx and Fountain scripts with absolute ease and it automatically builds an entire project based on the files you bring in.

Combined with an awesome storyboard capability that allows you to import your boards, arrange them in Shooting Order or Scene Order, and effortlessly and instantly sync your project with everyone on your team using the App, Shot Lister takes the grunt work out of the organization phase of a film and lets a crew do what it should be doing- Filming.

Shot Lister is the only truly professional shotlisting app for filmmakers. It revolutionizes the art of shot listing from pre-production to the minute by minute decisions on set and delivers the only solution that can build, organize, schedule and share shot lists digitally.

Shooting a film never goes to plan, and now instead of scribbling over your printed out spreadsheet from a week ago, you can get back on track with a flick of a finger. It is an affordable solution for every filmmaker. The speed and ease of using this app saves both time and money, while making life much simpler and more efficient for everyone on set.

I think what I like most about Shot Lister is that it gives your production, no matter how small the budget, crew or script, a professional feel that I’m used to working with and it makes the whole process feel a lot larger than it may be.

I love independent films, I think they’re the backbone of our expressive freedom and I believe that they are truest form of storytelling. With that in mind, the one thing I hate the most about independent films is that some are amateurish, without focus or plan, and generally lack any type of structure. Shot Lister can give you that structure.

Be sure to also check out as well. It’s an awesome looking tool that formats your script into a well produced audio file that you can listen to while getting ready, traveling, or just as a refresher on what your script requires. It’s from the same folks at so you know it’ll be good.

As always, I’m not compelled by any type of financial promotion, affiliate agreement or any type of compensation for this or any review Film Fervor does. I’m recommending this product based on my own use and opinions about it. Your mileage may vary.

Shot Lister

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