Film Fervor: Episode 110 – Fandependent Films

Today, I’m joined by Ben Hicks to talk about the online film festival he co-founded; The Fandependent Film Festival.

Ben is a fellow filmmaker who has been working on his own film for the better part of ten years, working through multiple countries and following a couple along the decade of their lives.

The Fandependent Film Festival has four festivals per year, one for every quarter, and is stacked with anywhere before forty to sixty feature films. They don’t screen short films at all they focus on feature length films (50+ minutes) and they put them up on the site for free to watch all the time.

It’s a great thing to have your film put out on dedicated websites but what is more important and far more valuable than just putting it up on YouTube or Vimeo is getting a full distribution deal from an established distributor. While it might be easier to make a film these days, it’s increasingly harder to get noticed. Getting your work seen is the greatest challenge facing independent filmmakers today. Fandependent Films is a new option to help get your film seen and distributed. Each festival, the film that receives the most fans will win a distribution deal through Indie Rights to help get your film seen on even larger platforms like i-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play and more.

Submission of your film is so simple, you just put in your name, your email address, your phone number, a link to your trailer and a link to your feature. You can use password protected sites to host your films and they handle that easily as well. The primary goal of Fandependent Films is to help promote your film to an online audience in a cool, new way. Be sure to check them out submit your film because they’re on the upswing of something great and you have the opportunity to get your film freely distributed to all of the major aggregators, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Check out the graphic and give it a click, it will take you to Fandependent Films submission page.


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