Film Fervor: Episode 108 – Alex Oshmyansky

Today I’m joined by Alex Oshmyansky, the creator and director behind the worlds first feature length film shot entirely in Virtual Reality (VR) Career Opportunities in Organized Crime.

Ever want to join the mafia? Are you on the fence about it? Let Vova, Baltimore’s local Russian mob boss, try to convince you in the first ever feature length virtual reality movie.

The film pretty much speaks for itself: A Russian mafia recruiter is setting up a video to get more recruits and socialize in the modern day platforms.

However, what you really have to take from this film is the fact that it is shot entirely in Virtual Reality and done on relatively inexpensive “consumer” products (GoPro). The whole concept of VR is fascinating from a filmmaker perspective because you have to be so extremely aware of your surroundings both in front of the camera and behind, because your viewer can literally just turn their head and look around your set. I think this concept is really interesting because it is going to add a larger depth to films as well as give you an immersion factor that is beyond anything we have at the moment.

Granted, Career Opportunities in Organized Crime is a mockumentary type video that really doesn’t take itself seriously (nor should it) and while the film itself is rather funny, the exploration of Virtual Reality is where I think everyone should focus their attention. Alex is, I believe, pioneering a new generation of filmmakers and film techniques with his Virtual Reality production company Akibimi Productions.

We joked around about it, but Alex and his team are putting together an E-book about filming in VR (the first of its kind) and I’m very excited about seeing that book come to life. There is a huge market and a need for information, so it is very exciting to see the market get filled. \

The film is out today (August 31st, 2016) and is available in both VR and Standard Format, you can find it HERE

Check out their production company website at

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