Film Fervor: Episode 105 – Helio

Today, I spoke with Teddy Cecil of Shadow Council Productions (Just FYI: My recommendation for the Greatest Film Production Studio Name Ever award) about his short film Helio which premiered at the Comic Con Film Festival in 2016.

Helio is a short, visceral film (about 20 minutes long) centered on a post-apocalyptic underground society where its citizens mine to sustain their dark existence.

Speaking with Teddy, I realized immediately that he is a filmmaker who not only knows the craft but is genuinely in love with it. His background in art is evident in his work but the true test of a filmmaker isn’t what they know, it’s what they show. So when you look at the Helio trailer and watch the film when it comes online, you’ll see just what I mean.

Because the film is set underground in a massive subterranean world, Teddy and his crew had to make quite a few adjustments on how they filmed, when they filmed, and always kept on the move by situations revolving around the need to stay out from under the sky, like rain.

I think what I like the most about Teddy and Shadow Council Productions (aside from the name, of course!) is that they are experimenting with new things and telling unique, compelling stories while being constrained to the independent film style of filming, with budget, locations, and other limitations that normally cripple smaller shoots. They way they’re putting out content and just saying “Damn the rules, Full Speed Ahead” is refreshing and exciting. Normally when an independent film company does that, it turns out to be just awful, but Teddy’s crew have a solid handle on how things are done and they’re making some really exceptional films.

All that being said, if you check out the behind the scenes of Helio you’ll see that it’s not exactly a “small shoot” they have a large cast, large crew, and some amazing people behind the scenes that make it all happen. From the props to the outstanding stunt effects, to the great team and amazing storytelling, Shadow Council Productions’ Helio is something everyone needs to check out.

Check out Shadow Council Productions:

Also, check out their YouTube channel with tons of Behind The Scenes footage and interviews here. This is how it should be done.

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