Film Fervor: Episode 104 – Dan Eberle

Dan Eberle joins me on today’s episode to talk about his feature film Sole Proprietor.

The film is about a former CIA contractor who, after faking his own death, develops a relationship with a foreign prostitute while waiting for his new identity to arrive. From my first glance at the film, it really looks like it is a cross between a Jason Bourne and James Bond’s more seedier side of things. What really interests me about Sole Proprietor is the deep story and character development, rather than just the same old car flipping, building exploding, helicopter crashing action films that you would expect in the genre.

Listening to Dan talk about his projects and the way he develops the stories he tells is extremely enlightening. He goes about telling the same story tropes that we’ve all seen a hundred-thousand times and gives it a new (albeit familiar) twist in Sole Proprietor by dealing with short bursts of backstory interwoven with a nuts and bolts crime thriller. The deliberate juxtaposition of different film elements and new styles is what Dan’s film goals are all about.

He knows that Indie Film is all about experimenting and building new things. He uses established stories, aesthetics, and existing ingredients to build new stories and tell different aspects of stories that we are both familiar and comfortable with. One of my favorite things about Dan is the awareness that we, as indie filmmakers, have to be lifelong students and continue learning, challenging ourselves and pushing our skills outside our comfort zones to grow our skills and experience new things. Films are all about collaboration, but you have to have a solid leader to keep everyone on track.

I’m extremely excited about getting to see the feature length film and watch the whole thing a couple of times to digest it all.

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