Film Fervor: Episode 165 – When Kids Grow Up

I had the honor to speak with Marissa Labog about the short film her production company, UpProductionz, filmed called When Kids Grow Up. This is a fascinating and really gripping short film about a defenseless woman who is savagely attacked by a group of vicious men, only to reveal her own brutal intent against them.

Marissa is an accomplished stunt performer, dancer, and actor who is now turning her awesome talent to writing and storytelling.

When Kids Grow Up is one of those shorts that made me think it was part of a larger world and that the character Mackenzie (Labog) had a much deeper and richer story to her. During the interview, Marissa let me know that she wants to expand on the character and possibly grow it into a series or a feature, something I’m absolutely all for.

The style, direction, cinematography, and acting in When Kids Grow Up are all outstanding. A solid command of both visual and sound, I didn’t find any issues with the production at all. It’s a powerful statement about what UpProductionz and their team can accomplish on a tiny budget and a tight schedule. What I love about it most is that Marissa and the rest of her team are all accomplished, well connected, and communicate their opinions professionally and friendly to one another and make the whole film making process smooth as silk.

When I got to my favorite loaded question: “If you could go back to the beginning of your career and tell your younger self something, what would it be?” Marissa continued to amaze by telling me something both unique and awesome.

I think a lot of us film makers take the job very seriously and we’re right to do so, but somewhere along the way we sometimes forget to have fun and play. Marissa and her team haven’t forgotten that and it’s evident by the amount of joy that they have doing what they love doing.

I’m certain we’re going to hear and see more from Up Productionz and continue to be thrilled by the awesome things they produce.

You can check them out at and follow along on Twitter at @UpProductionz

Be sure to catch When Kids Grow Up at the First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles later this month!


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