Film Fervor: Episode 130 – First Glance Film Festival

Film Fervor: Episode 130 – First Glance Film Festival with Bill Ostroff

So, today I had the privilege of talking to Bill Ostroff of the First Glance Film Festival about the recent success of the 2017 festival in Los Angeles and the upcoming program in Philadelphia later this year. I’ve been a big supporter and fan of the First Glance Film Festival since I started Film Fervor and I’ve seen some absolutely amazing films come out of it.

Bill’s passion for indie films is evident by the fact that he watches every single film that comes to the festival.

First Glance Film Festival is, by far, the best deal you’ll ever get as a filmmaker. You’ll become a part of a huge community of filmmakers and supporters and, in addition to screening at the festival, you’ll get a huge boost in your social presence. Not only do they help you with exposure, they actually teach you how to grow and build your social presence for your film or production company.

The exciting news that dropped this episode is that Bill is looking to expand the festival into other locations and bring the outstanding content he’s curated to new venues and fans. Be sure to look out for more information on where the festival may come and absolutely watch for their Crowdfunding campaign, if they launch one. It’s going to be an awesome year for indie film and Bill is leading the charge with the best festival for true indies.

First Glance isn’t about the celebrities (although you’ll find them there) or the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It’s about independent films and their creators.

All in all, I can’t express just how amazing the First Glance Film Festival is for the indie community. You really should check them out!


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