Film Fervor: Episode 124 – Patrick Biesemans

Today, I spoke with Patrick Biesemans about his short film Embers and Dust, an amazing project that centers around a young boy’s experience in 1938 listening to the War of the Worlds Broadcast, by Orson Welles. We did a review of Embers and Dust that you can check out here

This was a beautifully shot film and a lot of care and attention went into getting the era correct. There’s a lot to be said about doing period pieces because of the extreme costs associated with costuming, set design, vehicles, props, and the general look and feel of something set in the past. Embers and Dust, on the other hand, had the benefit of having a great set designer and wardrobe designer who was able to capture all the subtle nuances of the era and put them in the picture without hammering us over the head with it.

The result is a gorgeous short film about the imagination of a young boy and how he reacts to something that, in reality, caused a lot of people to panic and think that the world was under siege. Patrick Biesmans is a filmmaker that you’ll want to keep an eye on, his goals for the future are to shoot more of his own writings and keep carving out his own voice in the independent film industry. Everyone has to start somewhere but Patrick Biesemans start into shooting his own writing is a great first step into what I hope will be a long and successful career.

The interview is a little longer than we normally like, but giving the fact that it’s the first one of 2017 and that we had so much to talk about, I’m putting up the entire conversation as it is, without any cutting.


Check out Patrick Biesmans’ website at

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