Coronavirus Films – Post Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Coronavirus Films

Let’s just go ahead and put this out there: Coronavirus Films. Don’t do it. Please.

I know that in the Independent Film (Hell, even in Hollywood) industry that current global trends are low hanging fruit for story. You see it all the time with the rash of post-crisis films (how many 9/11 films did we see?) and I’m hoping we don’t see them this time.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m a little Covid-19 weary after all this. From seeing it on the news and dominating every social media outlet. I really don’t want to allow my escapism to be drowned by a deluge of Covid-19 related films.

Filmmakers desperate for attention and acceptance may just flock to the story like a moth to flame. Unfortunately in this case, in my opinion, that flame is a volcano and they’re all gonna crash and burn.

As a result of the need to stay relevant, I fear a wave of virus related films in the future and I don’t think it’s a wise idea.

Films should be about escapism. They should transport us to a world of fantasy, horror, excitement, whatever. They shouldn’t be a continuation of the grim reminder of our own dystopia.

Documentary films are fine but virus films should take a back seat for a while. This includes the anticipated virus related zombie films. (Yes, I know about you. Don’t do it) It’s shameless and tactless and I think we can do much better.

Above all, filmmakers have a duty to tell stories that incite emotional response while also gauging the public demand for the content. However, we shouldn’t chase trends and try to capitalize on real life tragedy. It’s both shameless and cruel.

What do you think about it? Do you think we should chase the trend and make the films or avoid it and do something different?

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Justin is the host of Film Fervor and a passionate lover of independent entertainment. Indie films are where people can truly express themselves and Justin believes that there are too many limitations on "mainstream" movies to be able to tell good stories.

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