Film Fervor Wiki for Indie Film

Film Fervor Wiki

Film Fervor Wiki One of the things I’ve noticed, which should be addressed, is that a lot (most) indie films don’t have their own Wiki pages. A Wiki is a collaborative page with crowd-sourced information about a particular topic. The goal of the Film Fervor Wiki is to provide a …

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Crowdfunding Tips for indie films

Crowdfunding Tips

Preface Crowdfunding has become an essential tool in the growth and production of independent films across the world. There are literally hundreds of thousands of films being pitched on dozens of various crowdfunding sites across the internet and with that volume of requests for funding, you need to stand out …

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Ronin from DJI: Camera Stabilization

The DJI Ronin is one of my "Ultimate" tools for indie filmmakers. It gives you an instant boost, out of the box, to production value and it takes your films from amateur to professional almost immediately. At it's price point of just under $2,500 every indie filmmaker should have one.

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Unrealized Ideas

Unrealized Ideas Most people have ideas. A lot of people think that their idea is good. Many people believe they can turn their idea into something. Few people do. The truth is that turning an idea into a screenplay is both the simplest thing in the world and the most …

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Kessler Crane

Introduction If you have listened to any of the Film Fervor episodes or have spoken to us on any social media platform, we are always raving about cinema gear. We live in an era of amazing technology at incredible prices, giving filmmakers the tools and resources of massive budget shoots …

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FirstGlance Film Festival

The FirstGlance Film Festival is a unique festival that offers filmmakers a wonderful resource for getting their films seen by both audiences and critics alike. Because FirstGlance has two calls to entry every year, one in Los Angeles and the other in Philadelphia, it is my top pick for Film …

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5 ways indie filmmakers sabotage themselves.

Top Five Indie Films of 2016

I’ve had the privilege to speak to hundreds of independent filmmakers over the last few months. The majority of them are either just getting started in the business or are just getting started with their own productions, but some of the people I’ve been honored to speak with are veterans …

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