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I am a very opinionated person when it comes to politics and the way we treat ourselves as a species. This section may upset some people, in fact, it probably will upset people.

Mind The Gap: Hollywood Despotism

Hollywood once stood for socioeconomic and political change. It was at the forefront of progress but is now hindered by despotic dinosaurs who fear change. Women represent over half of the market demographic, there is a massive demand, is Hollywood "Man" enough to supply it?

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The Million Dollar Movie

The Million Dollar independent film can exist, and flourish, in the modern world of connectivity and on-demand platforms. Hollywood should embrace this idea and start putting out films in this budget bracket.

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How Hollywood Influences Politics

There is no doubt that over the course of the 20th Century, Hollywood has influenced the national political landscape of the United States of America. Films have touched on the issues of the times, influenced generations to adopt and change their behaviors and have been responsible for a paradigm shift …

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