Film Fervor: Episode 87 – Blackthorne


DANIEL BLACKTHORNE is spiraling. His son has been killed, and his marriage is ending as he struggles to find himself. His new partner, JORDAN FOX, is an ambitious young up and comer looking to prove himself to those around him, including his father – the Chief of Police.  Blackthorne and …

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She’s Dead – Review

She's Dead

Hello everyone Kevin with Film Fervor bringing you the second movie review in a long list to come. Today we are going across the pond and reviewing Nick Box’s ultra low budget British film She’s Dead, a dark horror comedy staring Alexander Lewis, Julian Seager, Jamie Smith and Serena Chloe …

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Crowdfunding Tips for indie films

Crowdfunding Tips

Preface Crowdfunding has become an essential tool in the growth and production of independent films across the world. There are literally hundreds of thousands of films being pitched on dozens of various crowdfunding sites across the internet and with that volume of requests for funding, you need to stand out …

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Film Fervor: Episode 86 – Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor is an amazing person and an extremely thought-provoking filmmaker. His vision, direction, and passion is evident in everything that he does and his work is not only a reflection of our history but also a very poignant look at our modern day times. His current film, Counter Histories: …

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Film Fervor: Episode 85 – Clint Carney

Clint Carney

Clint Carney is one of those rare people who is a multi-platform artist with a solid work ethic and a passion for creating things in many genres. He is the singer and song writer for the bands System Syn and Fake and the keyboard player for the bands Imperative Reaction …

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A sort of Homecoming Review

Hello everyone Kevin here with the first of many reviews for Film Fervor. As everyone knows from the Podcast we are a huge supporter of the Independent film community and we look forward to many such opportunities to share our opinions of the films we speak about on the show. …

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Film Fervor: Episode 84 – Judy Chaikin

Today I was honored to speak with Judy Chaikin, the creator of the documentary The Girls in the Band which shows the unbelievable world of female Jazz players. What is truly remarkable about this film is how completely poignant it is to the world we live in today, with women …

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Episode 83 – Michael Wechsler

Today I had the real pleasure to speak with Michael Wechsler about his featured film Altered Minds: A family reunion goes awry when the oldest son makes the accusation that his dying father, a famed psychiatrist who also did work for the CIA, adopted his children for the purposes of …

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Film Fervor: Episode 81 – Chatter

Imagine what you would do if you were on a Skype call with a loved one and saw something horrible happen behind them. You can't reach out and help, all you can do is watch. It's a great concept in the horror genre because a lot of us can relate. That's Chatter.

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Ronin from DJI: Camera Stabilization

The DJI Ronin is one of my "Ultimate" tools for indie filmmakers. It gives you an instant boost, out of the box, to production value and it takes your films from amateur to professional almost immediately. At it's price point of just under $2,500 every indie filmmaker should have one.

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Mind The Gap: Hollywood Despotism

Hollywood once stood for socioeconomic and political change. It was at the forefront of progress but is now hindered by despotic dinosaurs who fear change. Women represent over half of the market demographic, there is a massive demand, is Hollywood "Man" enough to supply it?

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