Kevin Kincaid

Kevin is a bored certified film critic. (Yes, bored is correct. He's tired of Hollywood too)

The Burden of My Company – Review

The Burden of my Company

Unable to find personal fulfillment: Ericson, a young-adult on the horizon of his thirties, dives head-first into an existential spiral of artistic indulgence as he attempts to co-opt his friends into making a movie with him.

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The Report – Film Review

The Report

Hello Everyone Kevin of Film Fervor here bringing you another Independent film review. Today we are looking at the 2016 short film The Report, Directed by Mragendra Singh and written by Brendon Slee. Starring Summera Howell, Nigel Tierney and Ricky Wood. The Report centers around a policewoman’s report of her …

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Tastes Like Medicine – Review

Tastes Like Medicine

Hello Everyone, Kevin of Film Fervor here with another Independent film review for you. Today we will be discussing Tastes Like Medicine Written, Directed and Produced by Steven Alexander (Credited as Steven Russell) and starring Damion Rochester, Wi-moto Nyoka and Lauren J Dagget. Tastes Like Medicine is a black and …

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