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Is the sun setting on Netflix?

Netflix has grown into a behemoth in the last 20 years. It’s a massive distribution and acquisition engine and has been developing it’s own original programming for a while now. The power of Netflix has always been the convenience and it’s cultural impact has been profound on how we consume …

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The Haunted Hotel – Indie Film Review

The Haunted Hotel Today’s film is the 2021 Independent British horror film The Haunted Hotel presented by FILM Suffolk. The film contains Octet of horror stories set in Ipswich, Suffolk England, Shot, filmed and directed by many different and talented Independent film makers. For the purposes of this review I …

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Coronavirus Films – Post Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Coronavirus Films Let’s just go ahead and put this out there: Coronavirus Films. Don’t do it. Please. I know that in the Independent Film (Hell, even in Hollywood) industry that current global trends are low hanging fruit for story. You see it all the time with the rash of …

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