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Starting April 24th, 2015 at 10:00PM I will be launching a new podcast episode to celebrate my love of the Horror genre. Every Friday, I will put together a new and exciting horror story for your listening pleasure. However, that would be rather normal. I am also giving YOU the opportunity to have your horror story told over the airways and into the ears of your unsuspecting victims.

Submit an ORIGINAL horror story and have it read on the Friday of Fear

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Submitting other people’s work or copyrighted materials will cause you tremendous suffering, for the dark powers will be visited upon you for your transgressions.

(Seriously, it will never be aired)


By submitting any work through this page, you agree that the story/work you submit is your own and any original works that you do send in is done so with the express permission to use, edit, modify, compile, broadcast and announce on any and every medium that Film Fervor chooses and that you have no rights to said work once submitted. This is only to protect us from future complains. If you don’t want to give it to us, don’t send it.

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